Lot House for Sale in Capas
₱ 1,877,000 63 sqm LOT

Lot for Sale in Capas, Tarlac

Vacant Lot in Camella Capas

The wait is over! Camella Capas is finally offering lot-only purchases in selected blocks. When you own a piece of Camella Capas, you get the following benefits and privileges:

  • Enter the village anytime and enjoy all the wonderful amenities (basketball court, club house, playground, swimming pool if available, etc.)

  • Lock the current price for good and invest with the least monthly payment. Watch the value of your investment grow every quarter of the year!

  • Upgrade to a Camella house and lot package or build your own house with your contractor in the future.

Property value rises as we approach 100% village completion. This is the best time to invest and become a lot owner. We have a very limited inventory of lots. Contact us now while supplies last!

We also have lot-only offerings in many cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. If you want to check lots in other Camella subdivisions, please visit our Lots for Sale Search Page or contact us for assistance.

Property Summary

Total Contract Price: ₱ 1,877,000 ($32,273*)
Status: Available
Lot Area: 63 sqm (678.13 sqft)
Location: Capas, Tarlac, Philippines

How to Buy

1. Reservation Fee: ₱ 15,000 (online payment if living abroad)
2. Down Payment starting next Month: ₱ 5,554 for 48 months at zero interest rate
3. Bank Financing beginning Month 49: ₱ 9,443 / month assuming 5.88% interest rate

Note(*):The USD figures assume a 58.16:1 exchange rate last 5/21/2024. The exact USD equivalent will use the conversion rate at the date and time of the actual payment which is in Philippine Pesos. We accept over-the-counter and online payments. Official Receipts will be issued after every transaction.

Price was updated on May 6, 2024.

Lot is available in 2 of our village(s). Price and lot size will vary.

63 sqm Lot Only Downpayment Schedule

Simple as 1-2-3, tax-inclusive with no hidden charges

  1. Pay the reservation fee of ₱ 15,000. Payment can be made over the counter or via our online facilities.

  2. After 30 days, pay the 15% down payment for 48 months starting at ₱ 5,554.

  3. After the downpayment period, settle the remaining balance via bank financing or cash. Bank application through our accredited banks is on us--it's hassle-free. Please contact us for a detailed discussion on bank financing and the property's potential rental income.


-May 2024₱ 15,000Reservation Fee
1Jun 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
2Jul 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
3Aug 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
4Sep 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
5Oct 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
6Nov 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
7Dec 2024₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
8Jan 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
9Feb 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
10Mar 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
11Apr 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
12May 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
13Jun 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
14Jul 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
15Aug 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
16Sep 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
17Oct 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
18Nov 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
19Dec 2025₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
20Jan 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
21Feb 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
22Mar 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
23Apr 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
24May 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
25Jun 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
26Jul 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
27Aug 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
28Sep 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
29Oct 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
30Nov 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
31Dec 2026₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
32Jan 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
33Feb 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
34Mar 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
35Apr 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
36May 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
37Jun 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
38Jul 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
39Aug 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
40Sep 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
41Oct 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
42Nov 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
43Dec 2027₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
44Jan 2028₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
45Feb 2028₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
46Mar 2028₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
47Apr 2028₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment
48May 2028₱ 5,554Monthly Down Payment

Updated: May 6, 2024

Let's discuss this investment in detail via Zoom, Viber or WhatsApp! If you are abroad, we can schedule a virtual appointment at your most convenient time. Our contact numbers are +63 977 819-6554 or +63 917 583-6391.


Contact us to schedule an actual or online house viewing!

Lot Location Map
Village Location: Capas, Tarlac, Philippines

Camella Capas Location Map and Establishments

Upscale community in an ideal location

Camella Capas Location and Amenities

Camella Capas is located in the Municipality of Capas, a first-class municipality in the province of Tarlac, and one of the region's affluent towns.The municipality is currently dubbed as the Tourism Capital of Tarlac as the province offers scenic views and historical destinations. Apart from being the ultimate landmark of the tragic Bataan Death March, Capas offers a magnificent perspective of the Mount Pinatubo excursions, which attract thousands of trekkers and travelers every year. Houses in Camella Capas are never away from establishments that you want to be near with; Hospitals such as Capas Medical Center and Ospital Ning Capas are just minutes away. Not only that, but adjacent malls and markets like SM City Tarlac and Puregold are nearby for your convenience. In addition, traffic is also not a problem in this beautiful and soon-to-be a part of New Clark City's green and smart city! 11 kilometers away from Camella Capas, New Clark City is a planned community under development located within the Clark Special Economic Zone in the towns of Capas and Bamban at the Tarlac province, Philippines. Managed by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA), it has an area of approximately 9,450 hectares, accommodating up to 1.2 million citizens. The design of the New Clark City project focuses on environmental sustainability and climate resilience. To reduce carbon emissions, two-thirds of New Clark Cityis reserved for farmland, park, and other green space. Aiming to be a green city, cars running on electric energy rather than COC emitting gas,will roam the streets and large green spaces allow space for flooding that will not harm infrastructure; constructing resilient buildings from natural disasters. New Clark City has a minimum elevation of 184 feet above sea level which means it will likely not undergo nor experience severe flooding. The city is planned to cater to five districts, each with specific functions: government, business, education, agriculture, and recreation. In addition, the smart citycurrently features a giant sports stadium and an agro-industrial park.

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Lot Model Unit Open House

Take the first step in buying your own home! Call us now and we'll take you to Camella Capas for free so you or your representative can see how beautiful and affordable our houses are. Best of all, we'll ensure that you avail of our latest promos so you can buy your house in Camella Capas under the best deal!



Security requires visitors to be accompanied by at least 1 sales personnel. If you wish to go straight to Camella Capas and view our model houses, please call us. We'll gladly give you directions on the road and assist you on site.


Camella Capas HOUSES

Properties for Sale in Capas by Camella Homes

Please contact us for the latest discounts and pricing.
Hotlines:  +63 977 819-6554 / +63 917 583-6391
Viber/WhatsApp/WeChat: +63 977 819-6554

Village Address: Camella Capas is located in Mac Arthur Highway, Brgy Dolores, Capas, Tarlac, Philippines..

The developer shall exert all efforts to conform to the specifications cited herein.
The developer reserves the right to alter plans, as may be deemed necessary, in the best interest of the developer and the client.


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19 June 2024

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